Massage Treatment

Tailored for Your Well-being by Brenda Klarer

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1991 and have been blessed to have training in many techniques. Therefore, my clients can expect that I may choose any one of those techniques that I deem appropriate for their specific issue. Having said that, my training in Remedial Massage is my base and there are 3 areas of Massage that I really enjoy.

Foot Massage

I particularly enjoy foot massage because the person on my table always comments on how good they feel after the treatment. I have a special lotion that I use to help relax painful and tight muscles by improving blood supply to the feet. The type of foot massage I do benefits you by improving joint mobility, helping to correct postural imbalances and reduce stress. You will love this treatment and your feet will love you!

Hand Massage

Imagine a massage to your hands, focusing on every joint, every muscle, relaxing and stretching the palm of your hand and specific work on your wrists and forearms. If you have a job where you are keyboarding or using a mouse all day long, this is the treatment for you. Do you drive for a living? Do you grasp the steering wheel for hours at a time? I will also show you some easy stretches to do to help keep your hands and forearms stretched and pain-free.

Face Massage

You hardly ever think about the muscles in your face, do you? Picture yourself totally relaxing with a massage to every muscle in your face and jaw, under your jaw, around your ears, up on to your forehead and scalp. Oh my goodness, that even sounds relaxing to me! For those of you who clench your teeth, prepare to be amazed. For those of you who sing, you will wonder why you never had one of these treatments before now.

Each of these treatments is 30 minutes.